The Name

The name Cancer for College can cause some confusion.  What in the world does Cancer for College mean?  Well from the perspective of a two-time cancer survivor it means everything and encapsulated what he was feeling at the moment he created the charity.  While enduring cancer for a second time he saw his life slipping away.  Everything he loved was being taken away from him.  While his friends were getting new friends, new cars, new apartments and new experiences as part of their college experience, founder Craig Pollard felt like he had received "Cancer for College" and thus the name of the charity was born.

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Brand Narrative
At Cancer for College, we know how hard the fight against cancer can be. We see it in the faces and hear it in the stories of the students we work with every year. Beating cancer takes everything they have, and yet it makes them stronger. The experience fosters in them the steely resolve necessary to dream big and face future challenges
head on. They don’t just survive cancer, they conquer it.

We know these young adults have the capability to get their lives back on track because they are fighters. They are fueled by the fight for their survival. And when they harness that fuel, it gives them the strength to push past any obstacle. They seize on opportunities to pursue dreams and to live the life they were born to live.

But it takes support. That’s why we exist as an organization. We believe that a college education can be the catalyst these students need to be able to take back control of their lives. It opens the door to previously unimagined possibilities. It builds the foundation of a new life. It helps them find their unique purpose. College is a springboard that launches them into a world of opportunity and gives them the capabilities they need to make their mark on the world.

Regardless of the challenges these students face going forward, with Cancer for College, they will have the ability and support to accomplish their goals. Because they’ve bravely accomplished so much already.

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Our Logo

The Cancer for College shield is the most distinguishing element of the identity and conveys the essence of the brand narrative. The implied form of the shield represents a badge of honor earned from overcoming challenges. The relationship between the elements conveys a passage from dark to light; a portal toward a bright, optimistic future.

The strong presence of the symbol lends itself to be
used effectively as a standalone element. There are two orientations available that may be used interchangeably.