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“An investment on knowledge 
​bares the best interest.”  

 - Benjamin Franklin

Pay it Forward…

  • Share your expertise with the next generation of doctors, lawyers, nurses, social workers, teachers, accountants, engineers etc. Invest in the next generation. 
  • CFC Scholarship recipients are highly motivated to make a difference in the world. They are an impactful place to invest your time and resources.
  • Our applicants have made the choice to attend college and have been accepted. For them to be unable to attend due to a lack of financial resources as a result of their high cost of cancer treatment is not an acceptable outcome.

See first hand the impact your guidance and support will have on a scholarship recipient’s life. Make a meaningful impact in the life of a cancer survivor.


The mission of Cancer for College is to help cancer survivors overcome the financial burdens that face families battling this disease. This is accomplished through the granting of college scholarships.

The mentorship program seeks to partner members of the community with cancer survivors who have an interest in pursuing a career within the donor’s field of expertise.

Our vision is to find corporate or individual partners that are willing to not only aid a survivor’s dream of a college education financially, but support them as a career mentor as well. This would be an investment in the future and a way to pay it forward to future generations.

The program would see 80% of the gift go directly to the selected scholarship recipient and 20% to the Cancer for College endowment fund earmarked for program operations.


We work with our mentors and pair them with a scholarship recipient who is pursuing educational goals in the mentor’s field of expertise.

  • We want individual professionals and corporations that desire to be active beyond a pure financial gift to a cancer survivor.  Sometimes money is not enough. There are physical and emotional hurdles for cancer survivors to work through.  
  • Mentor partners choose the recipient of their scholarship gift from our vetted pool of applicants. They then get a front row seat as that student progresses through college with the unique opportunity to guide and mentor them with career and life advice as they work throw college and start their professional career.

  • Hands on communication between professional mentors and students is the foundation of the program.  Communication can take place by whatever means you wish.  We allow you to set the relationship to your comfort level whether that is in person or by phone, text or email.  We will help you lay out some successful ways for you to interact with your recipient.