"I am truly a lover of life. When my eyes beheld Henry’s story, a great smile swept upon my face. My heart swelled with love for such a soul that so devotedly cherished and felt exactly the same way as I do about his life and community....I know Henry held a fierce, yet kind light in his enthusiasm for every individual, his Creator, and through his illness. He serves as an example for all, upholding much grace and fervor in all people and what life holds. There is always a reason to love and rejoice no matter how hard something may seem, regardless of how small or “ordinary”....On behalf of Henry’s spirit, his family, and all of those who compose the foundation and vision of Cancer for College, I thank you for playing an active and generous role in bestowing one of the most precious gifts you can give."

- Sara Meza

 2016 Henry Streuli Scholarship recipient

We are excited to announce the kickoff of our 2017 Henry Streuli Scholarship Fundraiser, running from Nov. 1st- Nov. 30th 2016. Just like last year, 100% of funds raised through this campaign will go directly to the Henry Streuli Scholarship Fund. We are so grateful for all of our amazing donors that helped us raise over $25,000 towards last years scholarship fund and allowed us to award our first ever Henry Streuli Scholarship to an Extraordinary young woman, Sara Meza. 

This scholarship is in honor Henry Joseph Streuli, who heartbreakingly passed away from Burkitt’s Lymphoma on July 3 2015 at the young age of 14. The honoree scholarship will be awarded to a student who will use their education to advance a world that is filled with Henry's love of life. Henry loved everyone, from babies to seniors. Henry was passionate about Jesus and his values of equality and love for all of humanity. He was a tenacious individual who never let his small stature hinder his ability to succeed. Whether it be pitching a 50+mph fast ball on the baseball team, ATVing up the largest sand dune or fishing off the coast of Alaska, Henry could conquer it all.

Our love for Henry stands strong and we are thrilled to honor his memory through a Cancer for College scholarship.

If you would like to donate stock or pay by check or credit card, please contact Abigail Houck directly at abby@cancerforcollege.org

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In Memory of Henry Streuli